Reinventing Our Genome: Public Engagement Conversations about Rapidly Emerging Technologies and Their Societal Applications

Sunday, September 30, 2018: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
Meeting Room 14 (Connecticut Convention Center)
Session Leader:
David Sittenfeld, Program Manager, Forum, Museum of Science
Max Cawley, Associate Program Manager of Learning Philosophy and Evaluation, Museum of Life and Science, Dietram Scheufele, Professor of Science Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Erin Thelen, Public Programs Manager, New York Hall of Science

Recent breakthroughs have transformed human genome editing from the realm of science fiction to reality, necessitating broad societal conversations about ethical implications. This session will introduce the topic and share tools that facilitated public dialogues at 30 science centers in the United States. Discuss approaches and topics for future engagements at your institution.

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