With Great Data Come Great Responsibility: Using Visitor Data Wisely in Dynamic Environments

Monday, October 1, 2018: 9:15 AM-10:30 AM
Meeting Room 16 (Connecticut Convention Center)
Session Leader:
Alexander Lussenhop, Research and Evaluation Associate, Museum of Science
Marjorie Bequette, Director, Evaluation & Research in Learning, Science Museum of Minnesota, Patricia Crawford, Deputy Director of Operations, EcoTarium, Stacey Prinzing, Assistant Director of Education, Maryland Science Center, Sarah Gobbs-Hill, Education Director, Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum and Taylor Wiebusch, Operations Manager, Great Lakes Science Center

As science centers, we recognize the value of data—especially visitor data. But the data doesn’t matter if not used. Panelists from institutions involved in a collaborative visitor data collection effort (COVES, Collaboration for Ongoing Visitor Experience Studies) will discuss concrete strategies for sense-making and action-taking with visitor data, especially in times of organizational change.

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