Creative Spaces and Environments - FLASH SESSION

Saturday, September 29, 2018: 11:15 AM-12:30 PM
Meeting Room 15 (Connecticut Convention Center)
Session Leader:
Tifferney White, Chief Learning Officer, Discovery Place, Inc.
Aaron Price, Director of Research and Evaluation, Museum of Science and Industry, John Bull, Director Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai, Katie Flavin, LabVenture! Visit Manager, The Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Jay Margalus, Director, DePaul University’s Idea Realization Lab, Jenn Lawhead, Head Lab Moderator, DePaul University’s Idea Realization Lab and Martha Merson, Project Director, TERC

Measuring Awe and Critical Thinking in Science Centers

This session will discuss the emotional construct of awe, why it is important to science centers, its relationship with critical thinking and ways to measure it. We will present results from recent studies of awe in science museums and share instruments to measure awe and critical thinking in their setting.

Presented by Aaron Price, Museum of Science and Industry

The Storytelling of Science—Creating a New Kind of Science Center

Growing from the tradition of Arabian storytelling, the Sustainability Pavilion, in development for the Dubai World Expo in 2020, is taking a new approach to inspiring environmental awareness and action. Building upon emerging knowledge of environmental psychology, the center pioneers an approach that inspires, shocks, and promotes action.

Presented by John Bull, Expo 2020 Dubai

It’s Alive! Engaging Students in Data-rich Investigations with Live Organisms

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s LabVenture! program engages nearly 70% of Maine’s middle-school students annually in hands-on investigations of ecosystem complexity in the Gulf of Maine. Though rich in digital technology, the highlight of the experience is in-depth observations of live species to understand population dynamics and phenology.

Presented by Katie Flavin, The Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Making Makerspaces: Developing a Positive Community, Culture, and Traditions

Makerspaces are not about the tools within them; they’re the community of people within them and the hands-on learning that they foster. This session will discuss the development of makerspaces within larger institutions from the standpoint of community, inclusiveness, and encouraging self-efficacy.

Presented by Jay Margalus, DePaul University’s Idea Realization Lab and Jenn Lawhead, DePaul University’s Idea Realization Lab

Bringing Scientific Research to Visitors’ Attention in National Parks—Where Could This Lead?

Park rangers and science centers serve the public, sharing a commitment to making connections and to arousing and fulfilling visitors’ interests. But the venues present different constraints and opportunities. Understanding the park setting could result in powerful partnerships to increase the depth and richness of the public’s encounters with scientific research.

Presented by Martha Merson, TERC

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