Innovative Program Models – FLASH SESSION

Sunday, September 30, 2018: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
Meeting Room 13 (Connecticut Convention Center)
Session Leader:
Jessica Lausch, Director of Visitor Experience, Carnegie Science Center
Ben Taylor, Youth Volunteer Coordinator, National Museum of Natural History, Lisa Monrose, Producer of Adult Programs, Museum of Science, James Wetzel, Co-Producer of Adult Programs, Museum of Science, Alan Brown, Director of Education and Programs, Sci-Port Discovery Center, Chance Sanford, Guest Experience Director, Space Center Houston, Katie Slivensky, School Visits Coordinator, Museum of Science, Kaylan Petrie, Education Manager, Museum of Science, Eric O’Dea, Education Associate, Museum of Science, Angela Damery, Program Manager, Exhibit Interpretation, Museum of Science and Sandra Bonnici, Associate Director of Education, Diversity, and Inclusion, Madison Children’s Museum

Turning Teens into Science Communication Stars

In 2016, the (U.S.) National Museum of Natural History reinvented its successful high school internship program to train students to create TED-style videos for the general public. We’ll share a tool for making storytelling and science communication relevant to teens and discuss partnering with television stations to turn students into stars.

Presented by Ben Taylor, National Museum of Natural History

Reinventing the Museum and the Planetarium as Experiential Stages

New experimental programs in the Charles Hayden Planetarium and in the Museum of Science, Boston, as a whole are reinventing the planetarium and other locales as novel, experiential venue spaces. They are also strengthening a shift in public perception of the museum as a place where adults can have intelligent fun.

Presented by Lisa Monrose and James Wetzel, Museum of Science

Outsourcing ISE to Busy Parents with Science in the Supermarket

A grocery store presents shelves full of opportunities for busy parents to effectively engage their kids in STEM. Learn how we use every day experiences to build better brains through simple science, mathematical games, sensory experiences, and language learning.

Presented by Alan Brown, Sci-Port Discovery Center

Houston, We Have an Answer . . . to Providing Exceptional, Unexpected Guest Experiences

How do you deliver the unexpected? At Space Center Houston our answer was to launch the Space Explorers, an organizational pivot from a passive guest experience approach to one of empowerment and engagement. We will share our passion, best practices, and results from this monumental change to our guest experience.

Presented by Chance Sanford, Space Center Houston

Astronomy After Hours: Reinventing the Observatory Experience

The Astronomy After Hours Observatory program at the Museum of Science, Boston, has had an overall attendance increase of 140% over the past six years. Discover how branding, social media, and innovative changes to the program model may have influenced this growth.

Presented by Katie Slivensky, Kaylan Petrie, Eric O’Dea, and Angela Damery, Museum of Science

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner: Spotlight New Families and Reinvent Your Membership

In 2017, Madison Children’s Museum collaborated with donors and family service agencies to launch its First-Time Parent Membership, a free membership open to all new parents until their child reaches 18 months. Learn how the program’s first year affected visitorship, member renewals, space design, programming, and funding opportunities.

Presented by Sandra Bonnici, Madison Children’s Museum

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